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Our actions

Foundation activities


We diagnose the needs for education and professional development, including professional competences of teachers, psychologists, pedagogues, speech therapists, career counselors, allowing them to conduct effective education at various levels of education.

Foundation activities


We support partnerships of schools-local governments-partners, including foreign ones, we help organize internships, educational trips, courses and trainings (domestic and foreign) developing the skills and competences of students and teachers, but above all we organize educational projects directly in the domestic and foreign institutions based on an extensive network of partners both in Poland and abroad.

Foundation activities


Our activities benefit both educational institutions, teachers, trainers as well as domestic and foreign partners. Undoubtedly, however the participants of education, including excluded people, gain the most, as they are perfectly prepared and can find their way on the labor market more easily.

Foundation activities

Many possibilities

We give the opportunity to acquire practical skills based on domestic and international cooperation with foreign organizations, in particular by supporting people from rural areas, people with disabilities, national minorities and people at risk of social and digital exclusion

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